Transparent Series Analog Stick Replacement for Xbox One (Green)

INR 299

This is a pair of Transparent Super High Quality Xbox One Controller Analog Stick Replacent. Have your Analog Sticks worn out? Looking for a change? Hytech Plus has a perfect solution for you. Now also available in vibrant colors.Not only are these Analog Stick Replacements of the highest quality, they are also made of the highest quality plastics and silicone and hence very durable. All this for a very reasonable price. It's a win-win for all Xbox One owners. Please ensure you buy our products only from Hytech Trading. Any other seller who is listing products with the same images or putting prices in our listing is not selling the same thing. Please beware of fakes. We, at Hytech Plus guarantee that our products are of the highest quality and bring with them the highest degree of durability.

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