Pink Metal Series Analog Stick Replacement for PS4

INR 349

Hytech Plus is proud to present for the first time in India metal Analog Stick Replacements for the Playstation 4 DualShock 4 Controllers. Tired of having the rubber on the analog stick wear off due to extended sessions of your favourite games? Tired of the usual Plain Black Analog Stick and want to stand out from the crowd? We have the perfect solution for you!! Buy these sticks and all that will be a thing of the past. These sticks are made of the highest quality Aluminium and bring with them the highest durability any analog stick can offer on the PS4. Please ensure you buy our products only from Hytech Trading. Any other seller who is listing products with the same images or putting prices in our listing is not selling the same thing. Please beware of fakes. We, at Hytech Plus guarantee that our products are of the highest quality and bring with them the highest degree of durability.

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