PS4 Ultra Grip DualShock 4 Silicone Sleeve with Strap Black Blue

INR 249

Personalise Your Controller And Improve Your Gaming With The Hytech Plus Ultra Grip Silicone Skin with Strap For PS4. This skin is better than the plain silicone skins since they provide better access to the Analog Sticks and buttons. At the same time the high quality silicone gives you excellent grip and has an amazing feel. Also, the dotted finish on the silicone gives the controller a very grippy feel. You will actually want to hold the controller for longer with this skin on. Premium Quality Soft Silicone Material Provides A More Comfortable Experience And Can Allow You To Play For Longer. Ribbed Handle Areas Ensure Your Will Not Lose Your Grip At That Critical Moment. Simple To Fit And Remove As Required, You Will Wonder How You Ever Played Without It. Please buy only from Hytech Trading. Beware of copies from other manufacturers. We are the first and the best make. Beware of other sellers using our product images and selling cheap copies. We at Hytech understand gaming since we are a company founded by gamers. So our products are from gamers for gamers. You can never go wrong with us!

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